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Once you have well established business you might find it hard to grow. We are very good at finding new ways for your company to boost brand awareness and increase revenue streams.
What you'll get
New customers
More engaged leads
Brand awerness
How We Help You
Discovery Phase
Before we investigate your current marketing strategy, we hold a quick 15-minute Skype/phone call to discuss your business, goals, and current marketing activities. Throughout this discovery talk, our leadership team assists to uncover what's working, what isn't, and what has yet to be tried.
Deep Evaluation
Further, we dig a little deeper. We will be assessing what you're doing really well, what you're doing wrong, or what you're not doing. Our goal isn't to tell you what you want to hear, it's to tell you what's going to get results.
Proposal Phase
If we both feel that we can do big things together, we will make you a proposal. Our offers are really bespoke and detailed: we draft initiatives and deliverables month-by-month to ensure expectations are clear and that both of our teams are set up for success.
Things We Do
There are numerous ways to help your business to grow, below you can find some examples of how we can help you
Research Tool
Chatbots might be a very powerful tool to collect data from your customers, without being annoying or useless.
Lead Generation
. Once a user has messaged your chatbot they have turned into a lead.

Saving Your Money
Chatbots can work for customer's convenience, managing multiple accounts, directly checking customers info and interests
Customer service
You can easily increase customer satisfaction rate with the elimination of repetitive and time-consuming tasks for more face-to-face service.
Content distribution
Once you have a lead you can send them your content directly in the messenger, or any other platrform that you use your chatbot on
24/7 Avability
How many times did you hear that the time delays badly influence decision making process for customer? With chatbots you can forget to worry about it
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Web&App Development
Web development
You want to have a new website or a landing page? We will take your website from strategy and planning to design and development, as well as extensive API integrations, full data migration and long-term guidance and maintenance.
App development
Mobile app allows you to be visible to customers at all times, create a direct marketing channel, deliver values and content at the right time & place.
Custom software development
If you have any unique demands we offer development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software intended to meet them. We deliver successful solutions that accord with all the specified requirements while invariably staying within time and budget limits.
Other Things We Love To Do
Advanced Analytics
Today marketing data is everywhere. We have so many new consumer touchpoints – from chatbots, to in-store beacons and virtual assistants – sources and volume of data is enormous. Our solution will integrate everything you want to know into one or several easy-to-use custom dashboards, so you will stay on track with every business process
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Loyalty programs & Gamification
Sometimes businesses focus on attracting new customers and lead generation, forgetting that sell something to your existing client is 7x times cheaper than to get a new one. Increase retention rate and decrease churn rate by implementing loyalty program or gamification to your business. We will help you to work out what's working best for your clients
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Referral & Viral Marketing
Two-thirds of consumers make purchases because someone they know recommended a particular product or service. At Global Growth we develop referal marketing campaigns that will encourage both your exisitng and new customer to buy your product and create killer content that people would love to share
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Something new
Nowadays typical marketing activities are not enough for a huge success. Global Growth is always looking for something out-of-the-box that will deliver the best results
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