Product Launch

Sometimes to successfully launch a new product you spent million hours and come up with nothing. In order to help you succeed we created an unique approach for product launches, which consist of 7 steps.
How it works
Market researh
First and the most vital step is to research your potential market. Understand the market size and need. Research your potential customer. Identify key competitors, their strengths & weakness
Depending on the market research, our team will help to identify key product benefits, the core value proposition and come up with plans and objectives for the next 24 months
Brand development and web presence
We will come up with unique branding and build everything you need on top of that. Website design, content and structure – embedded with the most relevant keywords, SEO tags and visual elements. From there we will create rich blog site, social media pages and, if needed, mobile or Facebook apps
Content strategy
Content marketing helps you to require reliable and cost-effective sources of website traffic and new leads. First step is to identify your goal, next we brainstorm content ideas, determine different platforms for publishing and from there we execute and monitor results.
Digital PR and partnering
It's really important to have an early developed plan for partnerships and digital pr, including such instruments as viral, crowdsourcing, community and WOM (word-of-mouth). This is cost-effective source of getting clients as well as creating first brand awareness
SEO and link-building
First we research, develop and extend your main keywords. Next we create a link-spreading and link-baiting strategy that are tightly co-ordinated with the digital PR and social media marketing programs
Online Advertising
Once everything above is successfully launched we need to assure that you getting more and more traffic and leads. We will determine key platforms for running online advertising for you, set budget and plan ROI's. From there we will launch and provide consistent support with the execution
Marketing strategy for product launch
If you are planning to start your own product we have good and bad news for you. Now you'll be launching your product during one of the most entrepreneurial eras in history. Product launch to a global audience has never been so manageable, thanks to digital media. However, you are not alone and competition has never been as aggressive.
We are sure that you are closely familiar with every aspect of your new product. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for your prospective markets and audience, not yet at least. So first thing you need to understand is that at the beginning you'll need time for your product to get known by others.

The biggest mistake you can make is to simply roll our press release and wait for your customers to come and buy product. At Global Growth we have launched several different startups and we know tactics that will help your company to get enough prospect and convert them to customers.
If you have big news, you need a big plan. And that's where the product launch comes in.
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